Is The Future Of Journalism Dead?

Micheal Rosenblum, television producer and video journalist, said the future of journalism is in “user generated content” at Stony Brook University.

User generated content is selling content made by users. This brings in high profits, because little money is spent on creating material. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter uses this method to money, unlike the newspaper business which uses the archaic advertising model to bring in revenues.Image

People spend an average of 6.4 hours a day using social media and 2.4 billion people are online everyday.  If .000001% of that population spend 10 cents on content, it adds up to $1 million.

“Journalism teaches ‘Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comforted,'” said Rosenblum. “But there is no crime in making money, having ownership, and creating equity.”

Creative destruction is the destruction of old technology as new technology emerges. Rosenblum believes that the internet, social media, and individual reporting will wipe out the newspaper business.

Journalistic integrity relies on being factual and providing evidence. Individual reporting may risk losing accurate information. Photoshop and video editing softwares have created a way to alter media. Without someone verifying the information found online, it is going to be difficult to completely veer away from old ways of reporting.

Rosenblum sees a future in the transaction of content, where journalists will get media from users and users will get information from journalists. Although this business model may seem equitable, somewhere along the way the true meaning of journalism will get lost.

Personally, I think Rosenblum is correct. The New York Times is a costly business that requires extensive labor and has very very little money. If you want to make money, Rosenblum’s business model is the way to go about it. And god knows the newspaper business is in a dire need of money. For the rest who believe that journalism is about “comforting the afflicted”, it may seem daunting, but the world is bound to shift in that direction. On the other hand, I think in the future we may return to the original reporting methods, because the truth will get lost amidst all the information.


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