Journalism is Evolving

ReporterThe growth of digital media has fostered new types of journalism. It is a no longer in its original archaic form, on newspaper. It is disappointing to think so many people are expecting journalism to die. Although, technology has has caused a decline in revenues, new outlets of journalism is emerging and taking over the industry.

An evolving factor of journalism is branding. Making your name into a brand will help form a fan base, which contains readers who trust your writing. Just like semi-celebrities on Youtube, Instagram, and blogs gain subscribers, a brand name will help you get loyal viewers.

Everyone is starting to do the things journalists used to get paid to do, like take photographs as evidence (Instagram) and spread news as far and wide as possible (Twitter). It is becoming increasingly difficult to find accurate information online and is it becoming the only factor journalists thrive on: their validity.  Newspaper companies are struggling to finance journalists.

With the expansion of technology, journalists are forgetting to do their legwork. Sometimes, not everything can be done online. The best way to be certain is to step outside of the cyber world and start knocking on doors.


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