Boston Bombing

Explosion at Boston marathonThe bombings during the Boston Marathon has left the country in distress. The explosion killed 3 people and left 140 injured. The commotion has died down, but the pain of the attacks left a permanent scar in the hearts of Bostonians. This kind of attack has never happened before in their city.

In a follow-up of the false accusation by CNN, a 22-year old Saudi student was given a designation of a “2123B” according to Glenn Beck, nationally syndicated Radio Host. He was put on the watch list for being armed and dangerous. During the first few hours of the bombing, rumors flew around suggesting he was the suspected bomber. CNN even stated in an article, which was later removed, that a “Saudi Islamist was being held in a nearby hospital for questioning.

Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, covers up the story by saying that the suspect was quickly removed from the watch list after it was revealed that he had nothing to do with the bombing. “The student was in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was never a subject, he was never really a person of interest,” said Napolitano. According to Beck, sources have stated that the suspect’s room was searched for nine hours and his roommates were interviewed for five hours.


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