Stereotypes Initially Affect Boston Bombing

k-bigpicJust two hours ago, around 2:45pm, explosions injured 22 and killed 2 in the Boston Marathon. A Saudi nationalist has been identified as a potential suspect and detained by authorities in a Boston hospital, says CNN. I understand the circumstances the U.S. is in, I understand that people find terrorists synonymous with Muslims. And the first person to be suspected would be a Saudi Arabian. It is disappointing to see Islam being demonized by the media. Tony Blair’s sister-in-law, Lauren Booth, who once was a devout Christian, converted to Islam. She had been a journalist who wrote stories that slandered the Muslim culture. As she visited Syria, she increasing came to love Islam. After many years, she finally decided to convert. Her editors cut her from the workforce, because in her words “If the newspaper’s job is to make group of people look bad, a woman who sympathizes with that group of people cannot display the newspaper’s view. It would just confuse the audience.” I find it very upsetting that the first person to accused of the bombings in Boston is a Saudi, without any evidence. It just shows how twisted our mindset about Islam.


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