Earlier I wrote about CISPA (Cyper Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) and how we should all do something to prevent the government from passing this bill. Apparently, “Yesterday, CISPA passed committee in the lower chamber of the US  Congress, and is expected to be voted on – and likely passed – next week.” The U.S. House of Representatives has passed CIPSA. The U.S. House of Senate still has to pass it before President Obama can sign it, but no one wants it to get that far.

Although this bill would help prevent cyber attacks from China, Iran, and hacking groups, it would take away all our rights. The primary sponsor of CISPA says hackers have cost tens of thousands of jobs to be lost and has cost the government a lot of money. Important documents and information being stolen is difficult to recover from. Many government officials want CISPA to be passed.

“Every day, international agents, terrorists and criminal organizations attack the public and private networks of the United States,” Representative Dan Maffei, a New York Democrat said. “While I do always have some concern that the U.S. government may access our private information in the cyber sphere, I am more concerned that the Chinese government will access our private information.” (Grant Gross, IDG News Service)

Though it is true that it is more dangerous that the Chinese government hack us than the U.S. government, if it is at the cost of our civil liberties than there is a problem. There is always another solution and hopefully they will find it. For now, let’s hope CISPA isn’t passed.


This is a video by Anonymous, trying to stop CISPA by having an internet blackout on the 22nd of April.


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