Google Glasses: The Future of Technology

The video posted above is what everyone hoped Google Glass would be like, just a taste of the future.

The future of technology rest on the bridges of our nose. Google has just released their version of glasses. But these glassy, un-rimmed focals lack in power. They cost about $1,500 each and each owner must be approved before purchasing Google Glass. It’s like having a smartphone attached to your eyes. With a wink of your eye, you can snap a photo, read a text, and access the Internet. There is much controversy whether or not these glasses could be potentially dangerous. No one wants to drive on a road where someone could be distracted by texting with glasses. There is also an ethical dilemma of being able to take a picture of someone without them knowing. The glasses will not be allowed in areas where privacy is important, like Las Vegas casinos. In order to purchase these glasses, there is a preliminary application to fill out. Also, the glasses cannot be shared.

Google Glass is just another way for people to lose sight of reality. It will cause people to be so drawn to the technological world that they will forget the present. Almost every post apocalyptic novel has prophesied the downfall of humanity is linked to technology consuming the world.

The video posted below is what Google Glass is actually like:



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