Is The Future Of Journalism Dead?

Micheal Rosenblum, television producer and video journalist, said the future of journalism is in “user generated content” at Stony Brook University. User generated content is selling content made by users. This brings in high profits, because little money is spent on creating material. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter uses this method to money, unlike the newspaper business which […]

Journalism is Evolving

The growth of digital media has fostered new types of journalism. It is a no longer in its original archaic form, on newspaper. It is disappointing to think so many people are expecting journalism to die. Although, technology has has caused a decline in revenues, new outlets of journalism is emerging and taking over the […]

Boston Bombing

The bombings during the Boston Marathon has left the country in distress. The explosion killed 3 people and left 140 injured. The commotion has died down, but the pain of the attacks left a permanent scar in the hearts of Bostonians. This kind of attack has never happened before in their city. In a follow-up […]

The Texas Tribune

The news industry is facing one of the biggest backlashes. With the emergence of social media and other forms of obtaining news, newspaper revenues are at an all time low. Oddly, amidst all the crisis is the Texas Tribune which was awarded $1.5 million from the Knight Foundation. A quote found on Forbes, perfectly explains […]


The NPR shows are different from regular radio shows, because they include clips of audio that make the listener feel part of the environment. It gives people more familiarity with the material, something that NPR does very well. Something that I liked about NPR was that they clarified the Saudi Islamist that was present in […]


Earlier I wrote about CISPA (Cyper Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) and how we should all do something to prevent the government from passing this bill. Apparently, “Yesterday, CISPA passed committee in the lower chamber of the US  Congress, and is expected to be voted on – and likely passed – next week.” The U.S. House of Representatives has passed […]

Camouflaging Advertisements Within Editorials

There is controversy brewing amidst the fascination by news sites for “sponsored content”, aka, native advertising. Journalists are discussing the ethicality of posting advertisements that look like editorials. Will it be potentially destructive to have people not able to distinguish between ads and articles? Is it unethical to have these blended into content? Some believe […]

Google Glasses: The Future of Technology

The video posted above is what everyone hoped Google Glass would be like, just a taste of the future. The future of technology rest on the bridges of our nose. Google has just released their version of glasses. But these glassy, un-rimmed focals lack in power. They cost about $1,500 each and each owner must […]