Virtual Concerts!?


As the world become more and more digitized, the web is where it’s at. Everything has become available in an online format; from writing to typing, paperbacks to ebooks, and now staged concerts to their online substitute. is a new website created to host artists that will broadcast live performances. The “fan”, who is the viewer of the show, is free to “tip” any amount of money to the “performer”.

It takes selling about 143 CDs for a musician to make a little above minimum wage, $8, according to Artists barely make enough to call it making a living. When once hundreds of artists used to make millions, now it seems millions make only hundred said Ned Hibberd from FOX News. This new “online concert venue” will help artists make more money. Jake Owen made over $1000 just by playing some guitar in his kitchen. He donated the money to St. Jude’s.

This is an amazing new opportunity for artists to reach out to their fans, as well.Image


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