It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority || Ben Franklin


Criticisms against Facebook’s privacy policies.

Privacy, a word almost foreign to the children of the technological age, has practically diminished since the birth of Facebook. Once your virtual presence is made on the internet, no force in the world can remove it. Every image, post, comment made will remain in the depths of the online world forever. So be careful of what you say or do, its only a matter of time until someone finds it.

WIth Facebook’s new policies in their privacy, there is much controversy brewing amongst its users. Most of Facebook’s revenues come from selling their members’ information to advertising companies. Although they say you are in control of your privacy, the website can see your previous searches and post advertisements accordingly. “Facebook insists it is up to you to decide how much you want others to see. And that is true, to some extent. But you cannot entirely opt out of Facebook searches.” (Sengupta, 2013) There is no way to be a ghost on the internet. Are these limitations on our privacy also limiting our liberties?


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